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Making your product come to life...

Take a look at some of my favorite shoots so far. Each has a unique quality to it (maybe that is the wardrobe, product, lighting, Inspiration, beauty) that highlights what great teamwork can do!


Redefine Beauty Co


This shoot was all about movement and making the garment come alive. Allowing the garment to talk to you. Finding beauty in all of the little details.


Redefine Beauty

Shooting with the Redefine Beauty team was such a great experience. Everyone worked so well together it made the shoot fly by seamlessly.


Get Your Glow On

Lighting is everything

This shoot was inspired by one photo!

We gathered inspiration from  the lighting (that perfect glow), the outfit, and the pose. The rest was created off of the fun we had recreating that inspo photo!


Girl Gang

The Girls You Want To Be

Taken for the an editorial piece that had the intention to highlight how creating an environment where women uplift each other will great a more successful business world.

We used lighting, and enhancements on the clothing to set the ton for each shot with the intention to create an overall empowering feeling when you are doing looking at the article.