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Hi I'm Juls! Just a small town girl with big dreams. I graduated from Albright College in December 2019 with a Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design. Having a liberal arts experience allowed me to gain a broad general knowledge and I would say my professional experience has been similar. From working with a Men's clothing brand in Bethlehem, PA, an Interior Design in the Lebanon/Lancaster area, to working for a Jewelry Designer in Philadelphia, PA.

With this I have been able to gain a decent amount of skills and understanding in a number of different area's of brand marketing. Whether I am planning a photoshoot, designing graphics, curating a social media campaign, or creating promotional materials my main goal is to create something that is appealing and makes people happy. 

I am hoping to use this space for industry tips and tricks, advice on life experiences, marking personal goals, and connecting with those that choose to follow my journey!

xo Juls

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