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Social Media

Connect with your customer EVERYDAY!

Having a strong social following can impact your brand tremendously. That connection that is made with the customer is a special one.

You also want to achieve an aesthetically pleasing feed so that your brand has a consistent look your customer will look for and be able to spot.



Fine +Fashion Jewelry

A brand that is more than just jewelry

Jul's was asked to developing a monthly campaign for the brand that will start on the home page of their website, flow to emails, then out to the different social media platforms, and finally to Google Ads, and paid ads elsewhere. 

Sophie Stargazer

Fashion: Responsibly Made

While applying to Sophie Stargazer Boutique in Lancaster Jul's was asked to developing a 9 photo gird that would encompass her view on the brand and how she would work with the Instagram


Makeup by Maria Crispo

Makeup for Every Occasion

Maria from makeup by Maria wanted the freedom of posting her content when she wanted.

Jul's worked with her on how to develop a social media plan, along with making predesigned photo + caption + hashtag planning for Maria to us at her leisure.